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Core Homebuilders

The CORE Difference

Based in Suwannee GA, CORE Homebuilders was built on a commitment to operational excellence, predictable quality, and customer service unmatched in the industry. CORE began building homes in the Atlanta area in 2012. Years of experience with both local and national builders coupled with a passion to be better, led Tim and Brian to create a different kind of homebuilder. While new as a name brand, CORE boasts a unique blend of skills and knowledge that balance tried and true building techniques with new technology and products. Partnering with an award winning, nationally experienced architect and professional designer is the first step in our unique process of building your perfect home. The dedication to technology and quality control throughout the building process ensures you will be delighted living in your home for years to come

The CORE Team

With more than 45 years of combined experience at many respected local and national builders, Tim Shipskie and Brian Milbrett set out to build a company that blended that experience with the latest advancements in homebuilding technology and practices. “Our dedication to honest customer service and passion for organization and quality create a perfect balance that results in great homes that really perform and happy homeowners” says Tim. Brian’s experience in homebuilding technology coupled with a shared enthusiasm for sustainable quality, create a platform for flexibility capable of adjusting to meet the ever changing needs of today’s homeowners. The CORE Homebuilders team invites you to experience the difference their personal passion makes your new home.

Green to the CORE

Green is more than just color inspiring sustainability and responsibility. At CORE, green begins with design and products and ends with every day you spend in your home. The dedication is not only in how your home is built, but how it performs long after you move in. Our product selections, such as the Zip System, provide a real measurable difference, resulting in lower utility bills for the life of a CORE home. “We feel the foundation of a real green product absolutely means using sustainable products and practices but isn’t truly green unless it keeps giving back long after we are done” says Brian. For more information about our commitment and products, visit our product partner websites or visit us and find out one on one why we are Green to the CORE!